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We offer three different services for Superstructures - i.e. from the gunnels up onto the decks and cockpits. These are:

Superstructure Washoff:

  • Jet wash deck to remove algae and bird droppings

  • Wash down the deck Using Maguire’s Boat Wash

  • Rinse off and wipe with a chamois leather.

NB: This service will not remove yellow stains. It is intended for clean boats or regular wash offs on a boat which has had a full cut & polish service.

Superstructure Washoff, Cut & Polish

  • Stain treat gel coat and washoff and cut & polish

  • Use a range of cutting compounds to remove all tar and stains and then apply UV wax with electric buffers equipped with soft lamb's wool pads to produce a showroom shine.

  • Polish stainless steel

  • Clean all windows

Superstructure Teak Clean:

This is an add-on service to accompany a washoff or a cut & polish service.  We clean teak decking to remove algae build up as well as grease and grime using a non-caustic acidic solution that is completely environmentally safe.

This restores teak to its natural silver colour when dry.  It will not stain or mark metals or gel coat. Teak Clean services are priced individually for boats based on the amount of teak decking on board.

Steer Wheel on a Boat
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