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About Us: Features

Eco Friendly

We Care For Our Environment

The dock is one of the most advanced eco friendly hull cleaning platform available today world wide. All waste water is collected and treated onboard the self contained platform. The systems on board have been inspected, tested and certified to be EU waste compliant. 


Tick - Tock

The pneumatic system that powers the platform can raise a vessel of up to 50T within 5-10 minutes. This allows for a vessel to be raised, inspected, cleaned and lowered in 60 minutes cutting expensive lift and yard rental times through traditional yacht yards.


Save Money

Yacht Lift Malta's cost effective services allows our clients to keep their boats in tip-tip condition at prices that do not break the bank. We provide same-day quotes for works at rates that are unmatched across the Maltese Islands. 

We're The First

Driven By Success

Yacht Lift Malta PLC are the owners and operators of a revolutionary floating yacht lift service. The platform will change the slow and expensive services that are currently on offer through out the Maltese islands.


Guaranteed Excellence

Yacht Lift Malta is the safest boat lifting service available. Our solution inflicts the least amount of stress onto the hull by lifting the vessel from the keel instead of using straps, causing less stresses to the hull and damage to antifoul paintwork.

Our Team

Only the Best

We have a team of highly skilled, committed and motivated professionals specializing in respective core fields. 
We look after your customized needs and guide you from time to time at every step relating to our services.

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